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Recreating Ecosystems

Our home planet earth will survive with or without us, but I would like to do what I can to preserve our natural world. We have chosen a simple lifestyle living with less.

This year’s challenge is to plant out our top paddock with trees, a mix of native and food trees. We are following the permaculture principles, so starting out with digging swales, and a small pond, to capture and slow water, adding organic matter by mulching, planting legumes, ( my favourite pigeon pea) saving seeds and striking cuttings. The last couple of weeks I’ve dug the first swale and almost finished the pond, small dam, all with a spade! Our soil is heavy clay and we’ve only had minimal rain this wet season, hoping for some heavy storms soon.

 A visual story of our top paddock, new food forest and veggie gardens.

Cheese helps to keep the weeds undercontrol

Snake beans, zucchini, corn, amaranth



Top Paddock



Summer Veggies


Saving seeds