Knit Your Own Wild Woodlands Scarf – Rainforest


325 grams of Harvest Wool in 7 different colours

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If you love this combo of natural colours we have wound a few skeins into balls ready for you to knit your own Wild Woodlands Scarf .

You will receive just over 325 grams of  our Harvest Wool Рpure merino dyed from plant matter

– 100 grams of Rainforest, dyed from indigo leaves and pomegranate rinds

– 50 grams of Marigold, dyed from marigold flowers and pomegranate rinds

-50 grams of Deep Purple, dyed using indigo leaves and madder roots and gall nuts as mordant

-50 grams of Lagoon, dyed from pomegranate rinds, borage roots and indigo leaves

-50grams of Camomile, from turmeric rhizomes and pomegranate rinds

-25gram ball of Gum Leaf, dyed from pomegranate rinds and borage roots

and a little hand rolled ball of Mist, dyed from borage

Please read our FAQ on wool and its care.

On our post Knit Your Own Woodlands Poncho , in “Making Stuff”, you will find inspiration and loose directions on knitting our poncho and scarf. ( sorry I am a terrible pattern writer)

Start by using 2 strands of Harvest Wool, cast on 25- 30 stitches on 6mm – 10mm needles and freely knit, creating your own patterns and stitches and adding and changing colours to create your very own original scarf.

Happy Knitting!

When needed wash in cold water with pure soap.

Please note richer colours may leach until its been washed.